About Us

The Team Behind The Vision

Our Story

We are a team of global  software development professionals who are passionate about changing the way our clients do business, by building and implementing cutting-edge web and mobile technology.

We have been in the mobility business since the beginning. We love what we do and look forward to partnering with our clients in achieving innovative business solutions that drive your business.

Leadership Team

Nick Scozzaro

Nick Scozzaro

CEO & Co-Founder

With almost 20 years in the wireless & high tech industries, Nick understands how technology changes the way we live and do business. Having been a part of the incredible journey that changed the way the world communicates at BlackBerry, Nick, through MobiStream is helping organizations across the globe adopt and build solutions that improve all areas of business.

Jason Musyj

Jason Musyj

CTO & Co-Founder

Jason has a wealth of technology and software expertise varying across Infrastructure, security, integrations, full stack development and technology leadership. He is responsible for innovative solutions deployed across the globe for some of the biggest companies performing hundreds of millions of transactions per year.

Our Principles

Client First - “Become the Customer”

  • Act as an extension of the client
  • Understand client objectives, industry opportunities, workforce and culture.
  • Continuous collaboration and feedback to ensure the right results

Innovation & Creativity

  • Web, tablet, mobile, wearables and voice enabled devices
  • Analytics- learn and understand user behaviour to apply to future technology strategy
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning and predictive analytics
  • UX focused on changing behaviours of technology use across all devices and demographics


  • Drive quality results rapidly (Kanban, Agile, DEVOps, Continuous Integrations, automation, ect.
  • Work as a part of the team or independently
  • Test Driven Development, peer and 3rd party quality reviews
  • Delivering solutions to build productivity and efficiency in your organization.

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