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Keep key stakeholders in the loop during a crisis. Drive employee engagement and enhance productivity. Promote business-wide collaboration and preserve corporate culture in a distributed workplace.

With the tools in MobiStream’s software portfolio, you can achieve all this and more.


Designed for use in business environments, our software is built for security from the ground-up, built atop industry-leading encryption.

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We'll give you the knowledge, guidance, and skills you need for complete self-sufficiency with our products.

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Streamlined and intuitive, our software offers enterprise-level functionality at a fraction of the cost.

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Bring your people together through streamlined, intuitive collaboration and information sharing. Preserve corporate culture, build a community, and break down communication silos even in a distributed workplace.

  • Custom branding
  • An engagement-focused user experience
  • Messaging, voice, video, file sharing, social feeds, and more.

Bring all your workflows together into a single place, and create a single, unified experience across all devices and systems. 

  • Comprehensive self-service tools for employees.
  • Consolidate and automate system workflows via a single platform.
  • Reduce manual tasks and save both time and resources.

Work with a seasoned, experienced Canadian partner invested in your success. Rely on innovative, big picture thinking to create a future-proof roadmap. 

  • Expertise across multiple industries.
  • Flexible, knowledgeable, and creative.
  • A development partner with deep insights into business and industry trends.

Our Software Portfolio

Your Ultra-Secure Virtual Bunker
When your primary IT systems and accounts go down, ShadowHQ is your backup command center. A secure, powerful communications and information platform, it helps your people stay in touch through even the most difficult crisis.
Create a Modern Employee Experience
MobiStream Cue gives companies everything they need to create a modern employee experience. From HR self-service to workflow automation, communications, and everything in between — Cue lets you build a fully customizable portal based on your exact needs.
Low-Code Platform for
Internal Application Platform
Build enterprise-grade support apps with Sembl — a low-code application building solution that empowers your non-technical teams. Sembl makes it easy for companies to build mission-critical internal applications in hours — not months. This ultra-secure platform is easy to use, streamlines internal application development, and helps companies innovate faster.
Unified Communications
for Enhanced Collaboration
Designed to address some of the most common pain points in business communication, Unio is an ultra-secure messaging and information sharing solution that proves security and productivity need not be at odds. Built to break down communication silos, Unio is the product of more than three decades of industry experience.
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