Software Consulting Services

The Expertise You Need for Modernization

Strategically serve both customers and employees by partnering with a highly knowledgeable software consultant.

accelerate your digital roadmap

MobiStream partners with clients to deliver mobile-first enterprise solutions that solve our client’s current business problems while positioning their technical investments for the future. 


Through collaboration, analytics, and AI, we deeply analyze each client to better understand the needs of your business.

Multi-Industry Knowledge

Our organization is built on decades of experience, and has worked across an incredibly diverse range of industries.

Agile & Iterative Approach

Needs and demands change. We'll iterate, pivot, and evolve however necessary to ensure we keep pace with change.

“Our goal is to simplify our employee’s lives. Since we can’t replace all our legacy systems, we had to focus our efforts on transforming our employee’s digital experience.”

Steve, Senior VP of Strategy & Operations – Sabre 

Our Software Consulting Services

Evaluate your infrastructure, identify vulnerabilities, and address performance issues and bottlenecks. Improve the health of your business technology by modernizing legacy systems, and collaborate with us on the development of better systems and processes.

Set a clear roadmap for your digital transformation initiative, including goals, milestones, and potential roadblocks. Determine the best way to upgrade, modernize, and connect your existing tools, systems, and platforms.

Seamlessly integrate new software and technology. Scale out your ecosystem without interrupting or impeding employee workflows.

Our Process

Consultation & Audit

It all starts with discussing your current pain points and end goals. Next comes a company- wide software audit to understand your legacy systems and how they are currently performing.

Strategy & Project Timeline

Once we have identified any obstacles, we come up with a strategic approach and map out the solutions that work best for you. When aligned, we procure a project timeline to achieve our goals.

Launch & Customer Success

The final step connects all integrations and systems with your existing technology stack. Following your launch we provide support as needed to ensure your success.

Turning Technical Challenges into Actionable Next Steps

We understand how complicated the technology landscape can be. We'll work with you to develop a budget-conscious roadmap that guides you towards the best solutions possible.

  • Focus on integration, future growth, and industry trends. 
  • A flexible approach that doesn't hyperfocus on an initial concept. 
  • Extensive expertise supporting modernization and digital transformation initiatives.

We're not interested in contracts or ongoing retainers. Our goal is to teach you enough that you can be totally self-sufficient. 

  • Enterprise software without enterprise prices. 
  • Accurate, outcome-focused timelines.
  • An approach based on your own pain points and goals.

No more outsourced support or long queues. We're based in Canada, meaning we'll work within your time zone. 

  • Flexible, cost-effective software consulting. 
  • Seamless advice and support. 
  • Deep insights into your market.
Gain Deep Insights Into Your Business, Technology, & Processes

Engage our team of software consultants to fill in your organization’s technical gaps. Book a meeting today to get started.