Our Own Jason Musyj is WeTech’s TechProfessional of the Year

Sustainability, community, innovation. These are the foundational principles of the WEtech Alliance, a regional innovation center headquartered in Windsor, Ontario. Since 2011, the nonprofit has provided a wide range of services to tech startups and entrepreneurs, helping them get their businesses off the ground and see their ideas through from concept to market.

Each year, WEtech also hosts its Annual Tech Awards. It is, the company says, a celebration of the individuals and companies working to make Windsor a global hub for technology and innovation. This year, we’re honored to announce that Unio Co-Founder and CTO Jason Musyj has made the cut, as WEtech’s Tech Professional of the Year.

A software engineer and self-professed tech junkie, Jason lives and breathes technology. For more than fifteen years, he’s leveraged his considerable expertise to tackle an array of complex business and technology challenges. To Jason, this is more than a career — it’s his passion.

“I love helping people and businesses solve problems,” Jason explains. “Building and designing intuitive software that solves a problem for someone is immensely rewarding. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing something you’ve built help someone.”

“It’s part of the reason I decided to strike off on my own,” he continues. “I wanted to give back to Windsor and be part of the tech community here. It’s been great being able to hire people here and help them break into tech without having to move to Waterloo, Toronto, or Michigan.”

Jason initially joined forces with Unio Co-founder Nick Scozzaro to digital transformation consultancy Mobistream in 2015. It was during their work at Mobistream that they recognized another area in which they could lend their expertise. Communication.

“With Mobistream, Nick and I helped a lot of larger businesses globalize their workforces and digitize their workflows,” says Jason. “Our driving strategy was to help our customers overcome the roadblocks standing between them and digital transformation. Unio was born out of that — we realized how many businesses struggled to communicate effectively, and what an obstacle that represented.”

“We didn’t just want to release another standard messaging tool, there are already far too many on the market,” adds Jason. “What we sought to achieve with Unio was slightly different. Our goal was to create a platform that could be used to actually bring people together and foster a sense of connectivity and community.”

Innovation. Sustainability. Community.

These aren’t just the foundations of WEtech. They’re part of Jason’s DNA, and the guiding principles behind both Unio and Mobistream. We’re honored to see him recognized for his contributions to Windsor’s technology sector and excited to see what the future might bring, for him as well as for us.

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