The Crucial Need for Modern Communication Tools in Fire and Rescue

A high-rise apartment in the downtown core is burning. Although some residents have made it out, others are still trapped inside. Time is now of the essence — the more efficiently firefighters are able to mobilize, the greater the chances that everyone can be pulled to safety. You know this. You also know that effective […]

Why Choosing Between Unio and Microsoft Teams Isn’t an Either-Or Decision

For many businesses, Microsoft Teams has been instrumental in making it through the pandemic. There’s a reason that its usage positively surged over the course of 2020, and a reason it’s still holding strong even today. Given how popular Microsoft’s collaboration platform has become, you might be asking yourself why you should switch to Unio. […]

Fight Fire With Words: How Better Communication Leads to a More Effective Emergency Response

Most fire chiefs are at least aware of the need for better, more modern communication tools. The legacy channels typically utilized by fire departments tend to be highly inefficient, requiring a significant investiture of time and effort for even brief updates. They are often impersonal, widening the gulf between leadership and volunteers. There’s also the […]

Community, Communication, and Collaboration: The 3 C’s of Fire and Rescue

There is a fire at an industrial facility. While onsite personnel muster and make their way to safety, nearby communities must be swiftly evacuated. The fire department, meanwhile, must mobilize its volunteers immediately, providing them with minute-by-minute updates of the situation as they respond. Thousands of volunteers. Multiple community groups. Industrial facilities and power plants. […]

Engaging With the New Generation of First Responders

We live in an era of digitization. Connecting with someone halfway around the world is as simple as opening an app. Remote work has overtaken multiple industries, and ease of use is now every bit as important as security. There is now an entire generation that has never experienced life without smartphones and the Internet. […]

eBook: Why Unified Communications Is the Catalyst Driving the Modern Workplace Forward

It’s clear the modern workplace is here to stay. The pandemic accelerated the adoption of popular digital technologies, giving companies the powerful tools needed to embrace the shift to remote work. Transitioning to the modern workplace requires more than the latest technology. Long-term success requires a deep understanding of what the modern workplace is, the […]

Is Poor Communication Killing Your Business’s Culture? Here’s How to Tell

In addition to forcing the entire world into distributed work before many of us were ready, the coronavirus pandemic taught us an unexpected lesson. As everyone struggled with the challenges of working from home, it became increasingly clear that many businesses simply had no idea how to communicate — not digitally, at least. This was […]

Our Own Jason Musyj is WeTech’s TechProfessional of the Year

Sustainability, community, innovation. These are the foundational principles of the WEtech Alliance, a regional innovation center headquartered in Windsor, Ontario. Since 2011, the nonprofit has provided a wide range of services to tech startups and entrepreneurs, helping them get their businesses off the ground and see their ideas through from concept to market. Each year, […]

eBook: Why Distributed Work is Here to Stay

The early months of the coronavirus pandemic were marked by no small degree of panic. Businesses scrambled to support distributed work to a degree they weren’t even remotely prepared for. It’s been over a year since then. Over a year since we moved up the timeline on digital transformation. At this point, there’s no going […]