eBook: Why Unified Communications Is the Catalyst Driving the Modern Workplace Forward

It’s clear the modern workplace is here to stay. The pandemic accelerated the adoption of popular digital technologies, giving companies the powerful tools needed to embrace the shift to remote work. Transitioning to the modern workplace requires more than the latest technology. Long-term success requires a deep understanding of what the modern workplace is, the […]

Is Poor Communication Killing Your Business’s Culture? Here’s How to Tell

In addition to forcing the entire world into distributed work before many of us were ready, the coronavirus pandemic taught us an unexpected lesson. As everyone struggled with the challenges of working from home, it became increasingly clear that many businesses simply had no idea how to communicate — not digitally, at least. This was […]

Our Own Jason Musyj is WeTech’s TechProfessional of the Year

Sustainability, community, innovation. These are the foundational principles of the WEtech Alliance, a regional innovation center headquartered in Windsor, Ontario. Since 2011, the nonprofit has provided a wide range of services to tech startups and entrepreneurs, helping them get their businesses off the ground and see their ideas through from concept to market. Each year, […]

eBook: Why Distributed Work is Here to Stay

The early months of the coronavirus pandemic were marked by no small degree of panic. Businesses scrambled to support distributed work to a degree they weren’t even remotely prepared for. It’s been over a year since then. Over a year since we moved up the timeline on digital transformation. At this point, there’s no going […]

eBook: Preserving Corporate Culture in a Distributed Landscape

We were always going to live in a world defined by digital transformation. Remote work was always the future. Thanks to COVID-19, however, the future came far earlier than any of us could have possibly imagined. Your business has already survived the pandemic up to this point. But if you’re to thrive in the coming […]

Infographic: How Unio Bridges The Gaps in Microsoft Teams

COVID-19 put distributed work into overdrive. We’re sending more messages, sitting in on more meetings, and spending more time sending (and receiving) emails. For many businesses, this means more time spent with Microsoft’s meeting and collaboration app, Teams. Click below to view our complete Infographic: How Unio Bridges The Gaps in Microsoft Teams View Infographic

Why The Bulletin Board Still Has a Place in Your Business

Upcoming workshops and seminars. Company announcements. Birthdays, parties, anniversaries, and all manner of other important events. The bulletin board has for decades been a fixture of communities, workplaces, and first responder agencies. At the time of its inception, it was simply the best way to keep everyone up to date. As you might expect, a […]

Why Digital Meetings Alone Can’t Preserve Corporate Culture

One of the earliest and most significant trends brought about by the world’s shift to distributed work was an upturn in the usage and prevalence of videoconferencing apps like Zoom and Microsoft Teams. Per The National Bureau of Economic Research, over the course of the pandemic the number of digital meetings we’ve hosted has increased, […]

Infographic: Core Differences in Unio vs. Microsoft Teams

Unio and Microsoft Teams have a lot in common with one another upon first glance. However, those similarities truly are only skin-deep. The two applications differ from one another in several crucial ways. Click below to view our complete Infographic: Core Differences in Unio vs. Microsoft Teams View Infographic

3 Ways Unio Can Augment Your Meetings Apps

Have you ever had a colleague or manager who enjoyed meetings just a little too much? For them, every correspondence is a conference in the making. Even things that could easily be left to email or instant messaging. Status update on an ongoing project? Better host a meeting. Need to ask a quick question? Meeting. […]